Vaginal Mucus Discharge

Posted 2021.04.08

Infection or overgrowth of yeast can cause thick, copious, curd-like, white vaginal discharge. Where does clear vaginal discharge originate from. Most women really dont experience implantation discharge.

Pregnancy Discharge

Cervical fluid can also be referred to as vaginal discharge.

Types Of Vaginal Discharge

Its covered from inside by epithelial cells, producing mucus. Under normal circumstances, cervical discharge looks like clear or milky-white sticky fluid that shouldnt have a strong odor. It is also important to know about cervical discharge that shows signs of a vaginal infection. Star trek deep space nine nana visitor.

Excessive Discharge

This would be your baseline amount that is almost dry.

Cervical Mucus

Tomorrow we will talk with him. While pregnant, there is this regular odor free and creamy colored emission referred to as leucorrhea which also occurs prior to pregnancy. First time orgasm on the camera.

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